I can and I will, Watch me

Student Sessions

TFDC offers a three session program as well as one-time presentations for middle and high school students. Each session is designed to empower student to make powerful life choices and embrace the fact that decisions made today will impact their future. Our goal is to obtain long-term results through character education, assisting students with setting boundaries, establishing building blocks for healthy relationships and equipping them with “fact based” information.

Topics covered: 

  • Setting Goals
  • Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship
  • Establishing Boundaries
  • Steps to Intimacy
  • Love vs. Lust
  • Sex is Not a Game
  • Freedom to Love in a Healthy Way
  • How our Choices Color our Lives

SESSION TOPICS are customized based on the school or organization’s needs.

Parent Workshops

TFDC’s Parent Empowerment Workshops help parents and guardians recognize and embrace the fact that they are the most VALUED teacher in their child’s life. Parents are provided with information on how to talk to their children about high-risk activities, address the myth that “everyone is doing it” and how to provide the support needed to help them maneuver through life.

Educational Conferences, Workshops & Seminars

Educational events are hosted periodically by TFDC focusing on specific topics and facilitated by subject matter experts. (These conferences/workshops/seminars are in the News and Events tab & posted on Facebook)