THE JOURNEY  –  Women’s Conference 2017

Embracing Your Story as Stepping Stones to Purpose


           An Affirmation of Purpose

I embrace my story as stepping stones to purpose.  Everything that I have experienced throughout my life has been an integral part of making me who I am. I recognize that all my experiences have not been pleasurable, simple or easy to deal with, but regardless of every circumstance I am committed to moving forward.

I have no frown lines.  I know that nothing is wasted and have no regrets because my life has meaning. I am alive for a purpose and I walk in it.  I will not allow others to interfere with, intimidate or cause me to abort my dreams and aspirations.

There is more on the inside of me that must come to fruition so I open my mind to new innovative ideas. Each day I seek a fresh perspective of situations and my life’s journey.

My inner strength is now ignited and I embrace my future.



Embracing Your Story

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